About Us

Parrot Software first began in 1981 with a only one Speech Rehabilitation program. Since that time we have developed over one hundred different programs for communication, memory, cognitive reasoning, attention, and speech rehabilitation. Our company's founder Dr. Frederick F. Weiner, Ph. D., CCC-SP, has taught speech pathology at the Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, and Ohio University. As a respected leader in the field of Communication, Memory, Attention, Speech, and Cognitive rehabilitation, Dr. Weiner recognized the need for a cost effective one-on-one rehabilitation tool that allows users to work at their own pace with age-appropriate exercises. This led to the development of Parrot Software and its ever expanding product line of interactive programs designed to help those recovering from stroke or brain injury related speech and memory loss. Our programs are used by Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the world including numerous Veterans Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Encompass, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Michigan.